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narration available if you prefer to listen.

I’m standing where the loading dock meets the arena floor. I flick the back of my fingernails over and over across my itchy beard as I look to check the time. I want to scratch every bit of glue that smothers my skin. …

As the world seems to be malfunctioning, backfiring and cartwheeling — you can choose to be the rainbow.

I live in New York City and when I walk around my neighborhood, all I see are signs that say YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED. I think,

Why am I here?

Will they even ask?

Is this really happening?

Recently, a friend of mine shared a meme that read “the obstacle is…

we came by royal invitation to dance

this Kingdom is made of concrete buildings

far beyond my gaze from this hotel window

haze smudges the horizon

the dust levitates as the sun caresses the land

without judgement or exclusion

new places bring me joy, self-discovery

here, modesty is beauty

i uncover a new state of solitude

we must hide away to visit in groups

we proceed with spirits high and low

opening night releases a fury of unbound pages

dance exposes a passage and offers a new way

black scarves and crossing arrows and dreams undreamt


whilst a new language emerges, we listen

we bathe in the blessings born out of this vivid experience

and whispers echo in our trails

Alessandra Marconi

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