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I take the route that has the best coffee / / IG @ali_marco
TheGrit performers backstage. December 31, 2019.

I’m standing where the loading dock meets the arena floor. I flick the back of my fingernails over and over across my itchy beard as I look to check the time. I want to scratch every bit of glue that smothers my skin. I take deeper breaths until the tingling subsides.

People from the crew, security and technical teams are swarming. At this intersection, hallways split in opposing directions. You can follow the signed posters like a trail map left by Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Prince and other legends of the late 20th century.

I’m no stranger to backstage spaces…

A travel story that was completely out of (my) control.

Well it began as a nice gesture from our hosts to arrange an outing for us.

We’re doing a project in Saudi Arabia upon invitation by the King. (I’ll write something about that soon enough). But here we are, we’ve been cooped up at the hotel and we’re looking forward to something new.

This mysterious “Edge of the World” is a natural formation in the desert similar to the Grand Canyon in North America. Everyone was excited to go because we were told that the sunset is breathtaking. …

we came by royal invitation to dance

this Kingdom is made of concrete buildings

far beyond my gaze from this hotel window

haze smudges the horizon

the dust levitates as the sun caresses the land

without judgement or exclusion

new places bring me joy, self-discovery

here, modesty is beauty

i uncover a new state of solitude

we must hide away to visit in groups

we proceed with spirits high and low

opening night releases a fury of unbound pages

dance exposes a passage and offers a new way

black scarves and crossing arrows and dreams undreamt


whilst a new language emerges, we listen

we bathe in the blessings born out of this vivid experience

and whispers echo in our trails

Dear Future Me,

The next time you feel like a fish out of water, remember this:

You took a small airplane from New York City to Montgomery, Alabama. From the window seat on the right side of the plane, you saw a blood orange and pink colored cloud suspended against the vast grey sky. It was peculiar how lightning struck inside the gaseous shape but not outside. The strikes made an unpredictable pattern of glowing light in their wake. You flew past this cloud with ease. The pilot mentioned that there were isolated storms.

You found your two colleagues at…

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